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An experienced team of Game Developers who were involved in the creation of games likes Red Dead Redemption 2, Dirt 3.0, Star Citizen, The Division 1 & 2, Rayman, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, can work together with you to help small and medium game Companies to start a new project on the right foot.

Before starting a new project, there are many questions that a company must ask itself before embarking on this extraordinary adventure. It is inevitable that every decision made at the beginning of a project will affect the rest of the product development.


For this reason a good Bible Design Document can help you to successfully kickoff a new project.

Game Design

We can work with your team to put together a precise and complete Bible Design Document, studied with great attention to details, to achieve an extremely important goal: to make as little mistakes as possible in order to avoid financial losses, avoid frustration and crunch time. Before creating a good design document, would be necessary to carry out some essential research:

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  • Number of people involved in the project.

  • Technical skills / talents in the company.

  • Deep analysis of the company structure.

  • The game genre that suits your team and what the market wants.

  • Benchmark analysis.

  • Game position and comparison.

  • Marketing positioning.

In addition to all these points, we realize User Experience activities and a very important User experience Heuristic Analisys.

User Experience

What about the concept of User Experience in the world of video games? When our brain processes something as complex as a video game, many things happen. Understanding the role psychology plays in game development science is critical to creating memorable and engaging games.

Commonly abbreviated to UX, this science has become one of the most important activities in video game production. The objective is to explore players’ propensity to interact with the game: propensity to download and buy the game, to continue playing, or to recommend it on online communities and forums. UX is at the heart of playtesting and is its key purpose.

We are here to achieve your main goal which is to make a great and successful game that can bring a useful income to continue making other fantastic games, because making video games is the best job in the world.

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